Monday, 5th April 2010, Taipei, Taiwan

Gorenje Brand Launched in Taiwan

Gorenje teamed up with a Taiwanese partner, the company Tze Shin, to introduce the Gorenje brand to this Asian market. The launch took place in Taipei, Taiwan, the island's economic, cultural, and political centre, on April 1st 2010. The two-day gala event was attended by many distributors and media representatives, including the French designer Ora-Ïto who took part in presenting the futuristic kitchen furnished with the black collection of Gorenje Ora-Ïto appliances.

Gorenje's offer in Taiwan market comprises high-end appliances, particularly the designer lines which are particularly pleasing to the Taiwanese consumers who appreciate products that stand out from the average. Extensive sales and marketing activities in this market were only commenced this year. Before, the appliances had to undergo the severe and lengthy processes of certification and adjustment to the Taiwanese power grid operating at a frequency of 60 Hz, rather than the European 50 Hz. Gorenje's presence in the Chinese market, which also includes Thailand, dates back to 2005. Mr. Andy Miklav, head of Gorenje Shanghai in China, commented at the event: "The 22-million Taiwanese market has a high potential in terms of profitability. In the years to come, we expect 50-percent growth, while revenues in this year are expected at EUR 1 million."

Taiwan, whose natural beauty led the Portuguese explorers in the 16th century to name it "Ilha Formosa" (the Beautiful Island), is officially a part of China; however, the Taiwanese refuse to acknowledge the Chinese sovereignty. Thus, Taiwan currently has two capitals: Taipei, located on the island and selected by the Taiwanese; and Nanjing, located on mainland China and confirmed by the Chinese authorities. Along with Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong, Taiwan is one of the Asian Tigers, a group of newly industrialized countries that saw rapid economic growth in the second half of the 20th century. Today, it has a highly developed food, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive industry, and it is a major player in IT.