Friday, 4th June 2010, São Paulo, Brazilija

Gorenje Pininfarina Collection in Brazil

From May 25th to July 13th 2010, Gorenje is making its debut at Casa Cor, one of the major events in architecture and interior design. At this trade show taking place in the 11-million metropolis of São Paolo in Brazil, Gorenje will present its exclusive Gorenje Pininfarina Collection.

Casa Cor, which translates as the "House of Colour", dates back to 1987 and each year, it is hosted by one of the major cities in Brazil, Peru, or Panama. It is attended mostly by the jet set and experts on architecture and interior design.

At this year's Casa Cor in São Paolo, more than 160 architects, interior equipment manufacturers and interior decorators will exhibit their work on an area of over 56 thousand square meters. Appliances of the Gorenje Pininfarina Collection and the Monarque wine cooler shall be a part of the 100-square-meter ambient designed in he style of American spacious studio apartments by the Brazilian interior decorator Angela Tasca.

Polona Bobinac, executive director of marketing: "Presentation at the Casa Cor in São Paolo, the largest event of its kind in North and South America, is an excellent starting point for our entry to the emerging 190-million Brazilian market. While most European countries saw a substantial fall in the sales of home appliances last year, the white goods market in Brazil seems to have docked the impact of the crisis as it rose by 35 percent. We are planning to market our high-end appliances and designer lines through kitchen studios intended for the more demanding customers."

Video on Youtube: Angela Tasca - Casa Cor 2010

Angela Tasca, Interview: Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary (page 54 - 57)