Wednesday, 2nd June 2010, Köln, Germany

Plus X Award 2010 for user-friendly operation of the Gorenje Simplicity washing machine

On Thursday, May 27th, Gorenje received for the seventh consecutive year the prominent international "Plus X Award" in Cologne, Germany. This year, Gorenje won the award in the category of user-friendly operation for the washing machine of the Gorenje Simplicity Light collection.

The minimalist straightforwardness of the Gorenje Simplicity washing machine, an appliance of Gorenje's most recent Simplicity line, impressed the jury and won the recognition of being the right response to the global trend of simplifying our everyday lives.

"The single-button control of the Gorenje Simplicity washing machine has proven very simple, providing optimum functionality. The appearance of the appliance, too, was found very convincing. The visually appealing ergonomically designed program selector knob act very simple, yet elegant and sophisticated," commented the expert jury.

Minimalistically designed Gorenje Simplicity washing machine with six-kilogram capacity, 1400 rpm spinning speed, LED display, and advanced technology, offers a solution that is friendly to both the user and the environment. The machine boast triple A rating (AAA) owing to the UseLogic® technology which provides optimum energy effects. Energy consumption is 10 percent lower than the A class standard indicated on the energy label, while the washing and spinning effect meet the stringent standards of the A class.

Programs are selected by a single logical knob and the icons for the most commonly used washing programs are emphasized: cotton 60 °C, mixed laundry 40 °C, and delicate laundry 30 °C. These programs are most commonly used in European households and the account for 80 percent of total laundry washing requirements.

The appealing selection of programs is rounded off by additional washing programs such as the 17-minute Quick wash program, hand wash program, and the self-cleaning SterilTub program, while the appliance functionality is further enriched by features like the advanced AquaStop safety system, a multi-level safety switch, SCS control system, sensor control of foaming, and protection from spilling over.

The jury consisting of 144 top-class independent experts from 32 countries and 40 highly qualified partners, makes the Plus X Award the greatest contest in technology, sports, and lifestyles in the world. This year, over 1,000 products were registered; however, only 270 products, in 13 categories, impressed the judges.