Monday, 5th July 2010, Velenje, Slovenia

Public notice about changes of share capital, number of shares and of statute

Today, on 5 July 2010 has Gorenje, d.d., based on the finished procedure of subscribed and paid new shares of Gorenje, d.d., received the resolution of the court register, Celje, No. Srg  2010/23517, dated on 5 July 2010.  This resolution is relating to the registration of share capital changes from EUR 58,546,152.56 to EUR 66,378,217.32, No. of shares from 14,030,000 to 15,906,876 and changes of statute, related to above quoted changes.

The issuer will also immediately issue to the Central Securities Clearing Corporation (KDD d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia) an order for the issue of shares in dematerialized form and for performing other procedures necessary for the listing of shares on the organized securities market, managed by Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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