Monday, 16th August 2010, Velenje

Consumers trust Gorenje brand

Gorenje is for the fourth year in a row, since the survey Trusted Brand is carried out by the Reader's Digest magazine in Slovenia, an absolute winner in the category of household appliances. This year 71,2 percent of 1190 respondents declared Gorenje a trusted brand. This figure ranks Gorenje in the very top of the brands by votes received in Slovenia and again confirms that Gorenje remains a leading national brand.

Trusted Brand is a major European research on consumer perception of mass production products and services, taking place in 16 countries.  This year it was carried out for the tenth time. In Slovenia, it was conducted by the independent institute of media research, Mediana. The key purpose of the research is to find out which brands are most trusted by the European consumers, and how they rank the brands in individual product categories. When rating the products and services, the following two criteria are of central importance: quality and the consumer's personal experience. The survey remains the same throughout the years, thus allowing the researchers to compare and track the changes in consumer confidence in particular brands. The research also allows inter-cultural comparison as 20 product categories are common to all participating countries while others are selected locally. In Slovenia, the most popular brands were sought in 39 categories ranging from automobiles, mobile phones, cosmetics, medications, and other products to services, to the category of household appliances in which Gorenje brands continues to reign as the most trusted brand among all competitors.