Monday, 6th September 2010, Berlin/Germany, Velenje/Slovenia

Gorenje's record-breaking sales in Germany

Germany is the largest major appliance market in Europe, accounting for 18 percent of its total home appliance sales. Last year, Gorenje saw the best performance in Germany in the last 39 years since it has founded its office in the Munich. Sales were boosted by 20 percent, breaking the EUR 100 million milestone in sales revenues.

Klemen Prešeren, head of Gorenje operations in Germany: "After last year's record breaking sales, the trend of double digit growth continues this year. We are increasing the share of upmarket appliances in total sales, and successfully extending our network of distribution channels. As a result, the offer at over half of all trade companies in Germany now includes the Gorenje brand. We wish to be perceived by consumers as a developer of innovative solutions and creator of designer products. To this end, 15 percent of our total sales portfolio is revamped each year, which is above the average in an otherwise highly innovative and dynamic market where annually just under nine percent of products are novelties."

Gorenje's presence in Germany, the world's fourth largest economy by GDP, with a population of 82 million, dates back to 1961 when the first 200 stoves were exported to this market. Despite formidable German, i.e. "domestic" competition, the four percent market share today ranks Gorenje in the fifth place among providers of a comprehensive range of home appliances, making it the strongest non-German European brand in the industry in this country.

The company is planning to keep up the sales growth in this year. Successful appearance at the fair, which already exceeds the last year's results after four days, will surely fuel the company's progress to the planned goals.