Tuesday, 26th October 2010, Velenje/Slovenia

Disclosure on the progress of Gorenje, d. d., secondary equity offering to the general public

The company Gorenje gospodinjski aparati (home appliances), d. d. (hereinafter referred to as Gorenje, d. d.), hereby informs the public on the progress of sale (offering) of Gorenje, d. d., stock to the public, proceeding in compliance with the terms and conditions announced in the Prospectus on September 9th 2010, and based upon the Securities Market Agency decision No. 40200-105/2010-6 dated September 2nd 2010 on the confirmation of Prospectus for offering of a maximum of 1,876,876 ordinary registered no par value shares coded GRVG, with total issue value of a maximum of EUR 24,999,988.32, to the public.
In the second round of the offering, taking place from October 8th 2010 to October 22nd 2010, the shares were offered to the shareholders who were registered in the Share Register on the day of the announcement of Prospectus (cut-off date), i.e. September 9th 2010, without restriction as to the number of shares subscribed. In the second round of the offering, 58 subscribers subscribed and paid in a total of 53,558 shares with total issue value of EUR 713,398.56. In the first two rounds of the offering, a total of 613 subscribers thus subscribed and paid in a total of 361,995 shares with an issue value of EUR 4,821,773.40, or 19.29 percent of total stock offered.
Remaining 1,514,881 shares that have not been subscribed and paid in by the existing shareholders in the first two rounds of the offering shall be offered by Gorenje, d. d., Management Board, as confirmed by the Supervisory Board, for subscription and payment to third parties in the third round of the offering. Invited third parties will be able to subscribe and pay in their shares in a period of 20 days, starting on October 28th 2010 and thru November 16th 2010. The third round of the offering may be closed sooner if the subscribers in this round subscribe and pay in all remaining shares before the expiration of subscription and payment deadline.
In the third round of the offering, the shares shall be subscribed at the subscription point NLB, d. d., Investment Banking Sector, Čopova 3, 1000 Ljubljana.
This announcement shall be published on October 27th 2010 in the Delo daily paper, and on October 26th 2010 in the SEOnet system (http://seonet.ljse.si/menu/default.asp), and websites at www.gorenje.com and www.nlb.si.

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