Monday, 25th October 2010, Velenje, Slovenia

Hotel Paka Wins the Eat and Drink Design Award

Hotel Paka Wins the Eat and Drink Design Award

Hotel Paka, a unit of the Gorenje Gostinstvo company, worked with Gorenje Design Studio to attend the event Eat and Drink Design featuring the central topic of transformation. The event took place last Thursday, October 21st, upon the opening of the Design Month 2010 at the premises of Viba Film in Ljubljana. The cooperation in the design and culinary project that included Matevž Popič, Borut Keržič, Blaž Prestor, and David Cugelj of Gorenje Design Studio, and Andrej Beliš, Igor Stankovič, and Primož Goršek from Hotel Paka, resulted in the second prize of Eat and Drink Design 2010.

Gorenje designer Matevž Popič: "Transformation was carried out as a direct response to the title "Eat and Drink". The key role in the transformation was assigned to a glass that was turned upside down to serve finger food from its foot." Andrej Beliš, chef de cuisine at Hotel Paka: "We decided to go beyond serving food and to offer drink as well, thus providing a complete experience, culinary and "oenological". When the visitors have eaten the food, they flipped the glass over and the waiter served them a beverage that complemented the finger food. Each type of finger food was service on a carefully selected stemware which befitted the selection of the accompanying drink."

Opening of the Design Month also featured an international design conference Design That Works where Mrs. Lidija Pritržnik, creative director at the Gorenje Design Studio in charge of Gorenje brands, and Mr. Rok Jenko, creative director at GDS in charge of external projects, were the only representatives of Slovenian designers. They presented their cases of sound practice as Mrs. Pritržnik talked about the design of the Gorenje Simplicity line, and Mr. Jenko presented the design of façade panels for the company Trimo.

The series of events joined in the Design Month 2010, taking place for the fifth year in a row, lasts from October 21st to November 21st 2010 in Ljubljana. It includes the following locations: Miklošič Park, Maksimarket, Breg, Nova, Cankarjev Dom, Feniks Gallery, Dom Design, and Ljubljana Castle.