Friday, 7th January 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Commendation for years of investment into development of Slovenian sports

Gorenje was awarded a commendation for years of investment into development of Slovenian sports, presented by the Sports & Media Festival sponsored by the Slovenian Olympic Committee. Accepting the award at the ceremony held in Ljubljana on January 5th was Mr. Drago Bahun, Gorenje Management Board member.

The Sports & Media Institute, a part of the Slovenian Olympic Academy, presented their awards to top Slovenian and expatriate athletes, sports staff, and film artists involved in sports. The award ceremony, sponsored by the Slovenian Olympic Committee (SOC) and the International Federation of Sports Cinema and Television (FICTS), took place in the Mercurius Hall in BTC, Ljubljana, on January 5th 2011. Gorenje was among the recipients of the Sports & Media and SOC Honours.

The international Sports & Media Festival is a travelling festival. Since its inauguration in 2002 it has taken place in many venues in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, and Hungary. Over 59,000 youngsters, including several thousand Slovenian-speaking residents of Italy and Austrian Carinthia have seen 442 events, sports film matinees. The events managed the entire time by Mr. Benjamin Beno Hvala, have also seen cooperation of famous athletes from this part of Europe.