Wednesday, 30th March 2011, London, United Kingdom

Gorenje awarded Best Eco Washing Machine by Good Housekeeping magazine

Gorenje has been awarded Best Eco Washing Machine by the Good Housekeeping magazine in the February 2011 issue. Good Housekeeping praised Gorenje’s WA 60125 for being the most energy efficient washing machine on test, costing just 0,09 € for a 40°C cotton wash. It was also the most water efficient using only 54 litres on average for a standard wash.

The Gorenje WA 60125 was tested alongside 12 other washing machines, including models from Miele, Samsung and AEG. Gorenje scored 75 points out of 100, only three behind a brand to be considered one of the best in the market, which retails for over three times more than Gorenje’s model.

Ruth Ferguson, Marketing Manager for Gorenje UK, says: “We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of Good Housekeeping’s tests, and couldn’t have wished for a better result. Resource-efficiency is coming to the top of the agenda for purchasing criteria and is therefore so important to the modern consumer. It is our prime focus for all of our products, but to be awarded ‘Eco Best’ by Good Housekeeping is a superb accolade of which we are extremely proud.”