Tuesday, 15th March 2011, Velenje/Slovenia, Frankfurt/Germany

Gorenje at the ISH Tradeshow in Frankfurt

Gorenje at the ISH Tradeshow in Frankfurt

At this year's ISH Tradeshow in Frankfurt from March 15th to 19th, Gorenje extends its regular program of electric water heaters, heat pumps, radiators, and solar systems with the latest developments in water heater and heat pump technology.

ISH is a top international fair of construction technology, bathroom equipment, heating, air-conditioning, and use of renewable energy resources, with a strong presence of international competition. This time, Gorenje's exhibition area at the tradeshow includes new heat pumps, a result of in-house manufacturing, which will hit the markets this spring.

Notable novelties also include the energy-efficient electric water heater SMART with an LCD display and touch control, and Simplicity, a new designer line of water heaters developed as an extension of the highly popular kitchen and bathroom appliances of the same trademark. Another new feature in Gorenje's program is the compact medium-capacity heat pump for sanitary water, scheduled for launch in June this year. Gorenje's stand is located in Hall 9.0, exhibition area No. D83.

New Gorenje heat pumps to be launched this spring

The premiering range of Gorenje heat pumps, a result of the company's in-house development, includes water/water, air/water, and brine/water models. Heating power of the pumps, ranking among the most efficient heating systems, range from 5.6 to 17.7 kW, while their coefficients of performance stand at up to 5.6. All Gorenje heat pumps employ top-class components by European manufacturers and their useful life exceeds 20 years.

Development processes for refrigeration and heat pump technology often overlap. Hence, Gorenje's experts relied on 60 years of experience when developing these systems. In order to test the new products, they also designed their own cutting-edge measurement platform with high-tech measurement equipment that allows testing under different operating conditions at highest European standards.

»In developing our heat pumps, we drew on the knowledge and experience of our experts. We are also proud of our new top-class measurement platform that allows testing the equipment in compliance with the EN14511 standard for heating and EN255/3 standard for sanitary heat pumps.  The tests are very important for the end users as well as they are provided with a quality and reliable product tested by the highest European standards,« stressed Mr. Darko Gorjup, head of Gorenje NES (Advanced energy systems). 

The new Gorenje heat pumps also boast excellent design provided by the Gorenje Design Studio.a

SMART series intelligent water heaters

For the most demanding customers, Gorenje manufactured an electric water heater with a SMART operating mode and a LCD display that allows touch control. SMART series water heaters are equipped with an advanced intelligent electronic regulator that displays and allows setting the water temperature in the heaters, and offers numerous new control functions such as timed operation, display of the amount of water in the reservoir, settings in case of a several-day absence, rapid heating, fault diagnostics, etc. The most notable new feature of the intelligent controller, however, is the new SMART operating regime.

»The advanced intelligent Gorenje OGB SMART heater monitors the behaviour of the users to automatically calculate the optimum operating mode that minimizes power consumption while providing for all the requirements of the user or the household. Owing to this function, the appliance complies with the highest standards of the European eco directive on energy efficiency of appliances for sanitary water heating, which was actually our goal,« commented Mr. Dušan Goršek, Head of Gorenje SOT (Sanitary and Heating Technology), upon unveiling of the new heaters.

Simplicity line enters the heating segment

Simplicity, the new designer line of water heaters, is an extension of the vastly popular Gorenje Simplicity line of kitchen and bathroom appliances which entered and conquered the European markets two years ago. The new line of SIMPLICITY water heaters combines appealing design, principles of simple use, and excellent technology. Ergonomically designed logical dial allows simple control. A simple twist is enough to access the most commonly used functions, including the ECO function to save power.

Heaters of the SIMPLICITY line were designed at the Gorenje Design Studio. Like other appliances of this line, they are available in white and black.

Compact medium-capacity heat pump scheduled for launch in June this year

Another novelty in Gorenje's program is the medium-capacity sanitary water heat pump which was presented as a prototype last year. This year, Gorenje is presenting the final product which will be available in June. It is a heat pump of compact dimensions, which means that it is considerably smaller than comparable products in the market and therefore suitable for conventional wall mounting. With its capacity, dimensions, and heating characteristics, it is expected to replace the conventional electric water heater in the future. The compact dimensions and upright wall-mounted model allow installation wherever a conventional electric water heater was previously mounted; however, the new heat pump retains all the qualities of the electric heater while offering additional functionality and economic use of electric power characteristic of heat pumps. New sanitary compact heat pump offers the possibility to install an additional heat exchanger for using an alternative source of heating (central, remote, solar).