Tuesday, 12th April 2011, Velenje, Slovenia

Gorenje launches its new brand Gorenje+

Gorenje launches its new brand Gorenje+

This spring, Gorenje is introducing a new brand to select European markets: the Gorenje+. High-end built-in kitchen appliances developed especially for this brand aim to boost Gorenje's presence in the distribution channel of specialized kitchen studios which allow a higher return on sales.

Gorenje+ available only at specialized kitchen studios

Gorenje has long been distinctive for a single brand – Gorenje – which was promoted in markets of Western and Eastern Europe alike. Acquisition of three European companies in recent years expanded the Group's brand portfolio. This year, the family of brands is seeing a new addition: Gorenje+, positioned in the upper middle price range, includes an array of built-in appliances for cooking, cooling, and dishwashing.

Branko Apat, Management Board member in charge of the Home Appliance Division: "Presence in all price segments and different distribution channels requires a suitable portfolio of clearly defined and strong brands. Sales under our own brands have been rising year-in-year-out and last year, they amounted to nearly 90 percent of total sales, the highest share to date. In the future, we wish to further increase this percentage and above all to raise our sales of appliances with higher value added, like the products of our new Gorenje+ brand which address the more demanding customers."

Introduction of the Gorenje+ brand is Gorenje's response to the rising importance of kitchen specialists or specialized kitchen studios as a distribution channel. They mostly market built-in appliances and they are in different development stages in particular markets, reaching different market shares. In Scandinavia, the distribution channel of kitchen studios represents over 50 percent in total sales of built-in appliances; in Germany, this figure is just over 25 percent and in Russia, it is 15 percent.

Aleksander Uranc, Head of Marketing: "Gorenje+ is a strategic brand in our portfolio and we are committed to its long-term development as a leading pan-European brand of the Gorenje Group. It will be gradually introduced to all markets where the kitchen studio segment in which we are looking to attain a notable share, is adequately developed." This spring, Gorenje+ will be introduced in the markets of Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

Gorenje's homage to Petra Majdič

Presentation of the new line of Gorenje+ products which will be available end of this month at select kitchen studios across Slovenia was also attended by Gorenje's PLUS star Petra Majdič. Like Gorenje's, her modus vivendi, too, relies on constant striving for the best results. Petra's efforts, achievements, crowns, and awards are appreciated in Gorenje as well. At the end of her career, the company thanked her for years of cooperation and presented her with Gorenje's latest innovation, the iChef+ oven. At the launching ceremony, Petra did not hesitate to put on an apron and pick up a spatula.