Friday, 8th July 2011, Velenje, Slovenia

Gorenje signed EUR 100 million Schuldscheindarlehensvertrag with Deutsche Bank

The company Gorenje, d.d., signed on the 5th July, 2011, two Schuldscheindarlehen (assignable loan agreements) with Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft, acting as arranger and paying agent in the total amount of EUR 100 million. Schuldscheindarlehen is a loan instrument, used for many years in the German-speaking countries. In essence Schuldscheindarlehen is a bilateral loan, privately placed, unlisted and governed by German law.

Gorenje, d.d., concluded such loans for the first time in its history by which the Company diversified its financial sources and continued with the restructuring of short-term obligations into long-term financial commitment. The loans are taken out on unsecured basis with a maturity of three and five years and bullet repayment. Conclusion of these loans also shows that Gorenje enjoys a great trust and reputation on the international financial markets.
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