Monday, 10th October 2011, Velenje / Slovenia, Zaječar / Serbia

Gorenje launches its Zaječar plant

Gorenje has recently launched its plastic sink plant, and washing machine assembly line in the Serbian town of Zaječar. This is Gorenje's third manufacturing facility in Serbia. It currently employs 39 persons; by the end of the year, total number of employees is planned at 88. This year's planned output includes manufacturing approximately 7,000 sinks, and assembly of 7,000 washing machines. The washing machines are bound for Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, and other Eastern European markets. Gorenje's investment in Zaječar will boost competitiveness of the Group's appliances in budget segments.
Components for all washing machines assembled in Zaječar are manufactured at the Velenje plant in Slovenia. Assembly in Serbia allows Gorenje to make use of the advantages of customs agreement signed by Serbia with Russia and some other countries of Eastern Europe where Gorenje's return on sales is above average. Hence, investment in Zaječar plant will bear a positive effect on sales in these markets as well as on output at the Velenje plant.   

Gorenje signed a preliminary agreement on the investment into an existing manufacturing complex in Zaječar with the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia and the Municipality of Zaječar on January 27th this year.
Gorenje's other facilities in Serbia include refrigeration appliances plant in Valjevo, water heater plant in Stara Pazova, sales company in Belgrade, and a network of 12 proprietary showrooms. The number of Gorenje employees at all Serbian locations combined is almost 1,200.

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