Friday, 2nd December 2011, Velenje

Gorenje's NextLEVEL event in Romania takes the company to the next level

Gorenje's NextLEVEL event in Romania takes the company to the next level
Gorenje Romania held an event for their business partners in late November to celebrate three events: presentation of the new generation washing machines and dryers scheduled for launch in the Romanian market early in 2012; 10th anniversary of company operations in this market; and the end of a successful year. The event called NextLEVEL was organized in the renowned Romanian resort Predeal.

After two years of recession, Gorenje has seen a successful year in the Romanian market in 2011 as it attained all sales targets. The highlight of the NextLEVEL event attended by both existing and prospective buyers was the unveiling of the new generation washing machines and dryers, which took the form of an innovative and interactive story which outlined, step by step, the way to the future, the world of novelties and innovative technologies. 

The NextLEVEL event was ceremoniously opened by Mrs. Jadranka Sturm Kocjan, ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Romania, who stressed the importance of Gorenje brand distinction and recognition in international markets. Director of the company Gorenje Romania Mr. Tone Prislan briefly presented the milestones of Gorenje's development in the Romanian market. "We entered the Romanian market by opening a representative office in 2002; this was soon followed by the founding of a subsidiary. Between 2002 and 2008, our main goal was to increase the market share, sales, and presence in all segments. In 2009 and 2010, the crisis affected our operations as well. Hence, we find our results for this year truly pleasing. We are happy and confident about our further growth and expansion."

After nearly ten years of presence in Romania, Gorenje prides on having established numerous long-term partnerships which contribute to the brand's value and reputation in this market. NextLEVEL event was also an opportunity to forge new business contacts as it was attended by many invited potential and prospective buyers. The goal for the years to come is clear: "Our goal is to further extend our business network and to come even closer to our end-users whom we wish to offer products and service of truly high quality," Mr. Prislan added.