Tuesday, 5th June 2012, Ljubljana

The White Sensation

The White Sensation

Presenting the new generation of Gorenje washing machines and dryers

Gorenje's new generation of washing machines and dryers was launched today with the fashion show Sensation in White. The appliances boast innovative sensor technology SensorIQ, a result of in-house development and experience of Gorenje experts. Owing to their features, they rank among the most sophisticated and effective appliances in the market.
The design of new generation appliances was also commended by the strict jury of the eminent international Red Dot Design Award, which is a major acknowledgement for Gorenje and the Gorenje Design Studio team.

New generation. New technologies.

Gorenje's innovatively designed all-around generation of washing machines and dryers reaffirm the company's role of an innovative and superior design-minded creator of home appliances. "The new generation of washing machines and dryers is Gorenje's key product novelty in this year. It involves a comprehensive revision of a wide range of appliances for washing and drying of laundry that set new standards in terms of technology and design. These products result from the work of an interdisciplinary team of Gorenje experts whose innovative ideas and smart solutions materialized in truly top-class appliances. The users will particularly appreciate the ergonomic design and remarkably simple choice of the most suitable program for each type of laundry, for both washing and drying. We believe in the superior quality of the new appliances and we are convinced that they will win the hearts of our customers as wellMrs. Marina Borkovič, director of Gorenje Slovenia, commented upon the occasion.

Award-winning superior design

New generation washing machines and dryers, a result of Gorenje's in-house development and design, is based on several years of research in key markets and testing by the end-users. "Our design team focused on superior user experience and simplicity of use, while looking for aesthetic perfection that exudes technological competence and quality of the product on the one hand, while speaking in a unique, distinctive language of visual arts through the comfort of use on the other. The washing machine front panel is visually conceived in a way that makes selection much easier for the user, without posing any restrictions on custom adjustments and settings of the machine," explained Mrs. Lidija Pritržnik, creative director at Gorenje Design Studio, whose team won the prestigious Red Dot Award. 

The power of new technologies

Cutting-edge design is housing the power of new technologies and innovative solutions, the work of Gorenje experts. The efficiency of the new generation of washing machines and dryers is based on the innovative SensorIQ technology that automatically optimizes the washing and drying processes. Hence, top washing machine models lay claim to the A+++(-20%) energy class rating , while the condenser dryers with a heat pump and TwinAir air blowing system pride on the A-40% rating.

"Intelligent SensorIQ technology with numerous integrated sensors that constantly monitor the washing process makes sure the use of energy, water, and time is always optimal. Based on collected data, the intelligent SensorIQ technology automatically adjusts and optimizes the washing process according to the selected program and the type and weight of the laundry; the latter is enabled by the TotalWeight automatic laundry weight sensor," elaborated Mr. Rok Grudnik, head of product management for washing machines at Gorenje. He furthermore highlighted the unique UltraWHITE program for retaining the whiteness of delicates; with this innovation, Gorenje is the first in the market to guarantee completely white and shiny laundry at temperatures as low as 30°C.

Programs adjusted to the type of laundry

UltraWHITE program is intended for care of white delicate laundry such as synthetics, silk, nylon, and lace, which, due to the specific character of the fabric, should not be washed at high temperatures. It provides excellent care of the laundry at a temperature of no more than 30°C, owing to more intensive tumbling rhythm and more water. In addition to the innovative UltraWHITE program for white laundry, Gorenje's new generation washing machines offer other programs specially tailored for particular types of laundry, such as PerfectBlack, BioWash, NightWash, QuickWash, and two user-defined programs MyFavorite allowing simple adjustment by the user. The OptiDrum feature further enhances the laundry care with large volume of the drum and specially shaped 3D ribs that gently move the laundry towards the rear part of the drum and then lift it towards the top; hence, the laundry receives the best possible treatment. 

Optimum laundry drying

Also highly notable is the new generation of Gorenje dryers with unique IonTech ion technology which, combined with the innovative Gorenje washing machines, provides superior care and softness for your laundry, doing away with the unpleasant static charge. The integrated heat pump allows drying at a lower and even temperature, which makes it appropriate even for the most delicate fabrics. This is also made possible by the unique TwinAir air blowing system that introduces warm dry air into the drum through two air vents as the drum spins in both directions. The laundry is evenly distributed throughout the process and it is never entangled. This effectively renders ironing unnecessary. After the drying cycle, the laundry is ready to be stored in the closet.