Monday, 4th June 2012, Velenje, Beograd

Gorenje at the Mikser Expo Festival 2012

Gorenje at the Mikser Expo Festival 2012
Gorenje's Serbian subsidiary took part in the Mikser Expo Festival 2012 which tool place from May 25 to June 2, 2012, at Savamala in Belgrade – a venue with two exhibition halls. The first hall showcased the cutting-edge products; the second presented the nostalgically appealing old appliances from Gorenje's very beginnings.

Gorenje's creative and artistic side at the Mikser Expo Festival 2012

Gorenje's exhibition at the Mikser Expo Festival 2012 included the latest models of Gorenje's wet, hot, and cold appliances which tell the story of creation of innovative products that feature sophisticated design and technology and deliver simplicity for the users. Gorenje Belgrade was looking to convey a message to the festival audience, that there is much more to home appliances today than just being cold white boxes. They are a fashion detail in the house with a double role: embellishment and being the best little helper in the household. The visitors were invited to explore the creative and artistic side of Gorenje through a journey through the exhibition installation, hosted by a young and creative team of designers from Gorenje Belgrade. The trip through the world of Gorenje's innovation took the audience through the experience of water, fire, and ice, the three elements that presented in a playful way the characteristics of the exhibited appliances.

A time machine for memories

Also a part of the Mikser Expo 2012 Festival, Gorenje presented another exhibition titled Time Machine of Memories, which revealed what Gorenje's earliest products from the start of production activities looked like. The exhibition Time Machine of Memories touched the emotions of the visitors through nostalgic memories, taking the audience back in time to bring back their youthful memories which had been put to sleep long ago.