Thursday, 12th July 2012, Maribor

Silent Revolutions in Maribor

Silent Revolutions in Maribor
After travelling many European metropolises, the exhibition on Slovenian contemporary design "Silent Revolutions" will be introduced to the Slovenian audience. Under the umbrella of Maribor ECOC 2012, the Maribor Art Gallery will host the exhibition until July 15.
The select exhibits also include Gorenje's line of appliances Simplicity which has seen great market success, and which was designed by the Gorenje Design Studio (GDS). The studio has a separate exhibition area at the show, presenting Gorenje's latest red dot award winning products.

Contemporary design in Slovenia

Following several successful international displays, the exhibition Silent Revolutions is now open in the European Capital of Culture. It is presenting a selection of Slovenian design during the first two dynamic decades of the country's history. The spotlights are on highlights by major manufacturers with renowned brands, as well as special objects produced in limited editions by their designers. A wide range of the latest products in a dialogue with the historical, iconic objects illustrates the remarkable power, quality, and specific character of contemporary design in Slovenia.