Friday, 24th August 2012, Velenje

Gorenje condenser dryer wins award in Germany

Gorenje condenser dryer wins award in Germany

Efficiency confirmed by the German independent institute Hermes Hansecontrol

Gorenje's condenser dryer fitted with a heat pump, model Gorenje D7664N, declared energy efficiency A-40%, was tested by the German institute Hermes Hansecontrol. On a scale of 6 – 1 the appliance received a score of 1.6, which is good – excellent (1 being the best and 6 being the worst grade on the scale). The institute found that clothes dried in Gorenje's D7664N dryer were considerably less creased than those dried in the reference drier, which is a result of Gorenje's advanced IonTech technology and TwinAir technology of double-direction air blowing featured in this manufacturer's best condenser dryers, including the D7664N.

IonTech technology that employs ions for unique fibre straightening action, a 120-litre drum which ranks among the largest in the market, and TwinAir technology of double-direction air blowing are the features that contribute notably to the reduction of creasing of the laundry.

Beneficial effects of ionization on the laundry confirmed by tests

Ionization that beneficially affects the fibres and keeps the clothes in mint condition for longer, neutralizes the static charge built up during the drying process; it is also effective in eliminating unpleasant odours such as those of food and tobacco, and it additionally refreshes the laundry. The effect of ionizer built into Gorenje's dryer has been proven in particular by reduction of tobacco odour of a pillowcase relative to one dried in the reference dryer, and by reduction of creasing on a towel that was significantly less wrinkled than the one dried in the reference appliance.

Optimum efficiency and comfortable laundry drying

Boasting a 120-litre drum, one of the largest in the market, Gorenje dryers allow comfortable and optimum drying of larger amounts of laundry. A 35-centimetre door opening allows comfortable loading of larger items like blankets, curtains, spreads, covers, and pillowcases. Wide opening angle of 180°and LED lighting of the drum allow excellent view and make it easy to remove the clothes from the appliance after the drying cycle.

Bi-directional blowing of air into the drum allows more even drying

Condenser dryers with a heat pump boast the unique TwinAir air blowing system that evenly introduces warm dry air into the drum through two air vents as the drum spins in both directions. The path of the air is adjusted to the direction of drum rotation; therefore, the laundry is exposed to constant drying intensity for the entire duration of the cycle. Due to even distribution, the laundry will not get entangled; the final effect of drying will be nearly completely straightened laundry that can be stored in the closet without ironing.