Monday, 24th September 2012, Velenje

Gorenje at the Ljubljana Biennial of Industrial Design

Gorenje at the Ljubljana Biennial of Industrial Design

Ljubljana Biennial of Design (BIO) saw the opening of its 23rd instalment on Thursday, September 27, 2012, at 7 PM. The biennial has been supported by Gorenje as the general sponsor for many years. At this year's event, Gorenje is presenting its IQcook hob, the HomeCHEF oven, and the SensoCare washing machine.

BIO is again showcasing some highlights from the global design scenes; however, it is looking to go beyond just an international display. Its purpose is to make a valuable contribution to the international discussion on modern design. Thus, two curators who are in daily contact with the international design practice, designers, and manufacturers, and who have a broad insight into the development of modern design, were entrusted with this year's main exhibition.

Curators Margo Konings and Margriet Vollenberg of the Organisation in Design studio selected the title "Relations in Design" for the 23rd biennial; the exhibition followed this theme. Development characterized by greater access to information, de-industrialization, new forms of production, and cheaper and more affordable high technology, is opening up a varied range of questions and compels events like the Ljubljana Biennial to adopt a critical approach, focus, and filtering of information in order to convey relevant findings and messages. The curators' selection which close to 500 entries were narrowed down to presents research of the designers who are creating useful objects, but also responding to the cultural, social and intimate human issues. Remarkable designers featured in the exhibition represent the progressively thinking experts combining research, science, technology, digitalization, and globalization processes. They provide answers to questions like what is contemporary design and what is the role and responsibility of a designer in the 21st century.

The HomeCHEF control module allows making the decisions and choosing the dishes faster. A wide choice of module colour schemes allows the users to personalize the appearance of the display. SensoCare washing machine with exposed control interface elements, ergonomically positioned handles, and quick instructions.