Thursday, 15th November 2012, Velenje, Slovenia

Serbian prime minister visits Gorenje

Serbian prime minister visits Gorenje

Serbian Prime Minister Mr. Ivica Dačić, who is also the country's Minister of the Interior, visited Gorenje today during his two-day stay in Slovenia. Accompanied by Gorenje President and CEO Mr. Franjo Bobinac and Management Board members Mr. Branko Apat and Mr. Marko Mrzel, he took a tour of the cooking appliances plant, the high-tech logistics center Navis, and the in-house showroom.

Upon the conclusion of his visit, Mr. Ivica Dačić said there were many Slovenian investors who found their economic interest investing in Serbia and that Gorenje is surely the largest among them. He stressed it was nobody's goal or interest to see factories in Slovenia closed down and shifted to Serbia. Rather, he is looking for additional operations and engagement of new labour force. »We expect Gorenje's operations in Serbia to remain successful. Serbia's measures and economic policies will be focused on providing a stable business environment which will in turn allow Gorenje to find further success. To a certain extent, Gorenje will be a domestic manufacturer in Serbia, which will open up the opportunities offered by the country, particularly the customs-free system with the Russian Federation.«

Gorenje President and CEO Franjo Bobinac said that Serbia was, apart from Slovenia, Gorenje's key manufacturing location and that it would remain so in the future. »Development of business with Serbia does not mean that jobs will be lost in Slovenia. Each job in Serbia actually promotes and consolidates the jobs in Slovenia as it allows Gorenje to be more competitive and to penetrate some new markets faster. All three plants – in Valjevo, Stara Pazova, and in Zaječar – are highly export-oriented and they manufacture appliances for several Gorenje's markets.« He added that Gorenje had found wonderful partners and co-workers in Serbia, who were looking after the quality of appliances. In addition, he announced that Gorenje would not only produce in Serbia, but also gradually beef up its development efforts there.

Gorenje Group launched manufacturing operations in Serbia in 2006. Currently, a total of 1,300 persons are employed at the three factories and the Belgrade sales company. With the erection of the new, second refrigeration appliance plant in Valjevo where production will be commenced in February next year, manufacturing capacity will be more than doubled.