Wednesday, 28th November 2012, Velenje

Gorenje on the stage of the White Technique Black Magic project

Gorenje on the stage of the White Technique Black Magic project

On Saturday, November 24, 2012, the Velenje Cultural Center hosted another ECOC project. White Technique Black Magic is a co-production of the Velenje Festival, Velenje Municipality, and Public Institute Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture, with cooperation of Gorenje and Velenje Coal mine. It is a reflection of modern art that glanced at the industrial heritage of the city of Velenje. This conceptual project with trans-media conception is the work of an international creative team, headed by Mr. Vlado G. Repnik.

White Technique Black Magic shed the spotlight of modern art on Velenje's industrial heritage based on the creativity of the Velenje Coal Mine and Gorenje, thus exploring the key economic subjects of the local environment, which provide electricity and deliver high quality home appliances, respectively. Electricity has the capacity to drive machines and transmit information, and it is used in both production and operation of home appliances. Together, electricity and appliances represent the foundation of the way of life in modern civilization.

Creators presented the results of their artistic explorations of the fatal interweave of white technique and black magic and took the visitors on a poly-media event, presenting dialogues between modern art and technology. Presented on the stage was an intriguing artistic whole composed of audio and visual clips, a performance by the Gorenje Mixed Choir, original performances, and surprising highlights from heterogeneous artistic explorations.

Reflection of modern art glancing at the industrial heritage of the city of Velenje

The White Technique Black Magic project, a part of the program subset Terminal 12 of the ECOC, took the audience on a journey from the obvious acceptance to deeper awareness of the foundations and creative potential of the local environment, consolidation and upgrade of the original bond between all areas of human creativity. The project was developed under artistic leadership of Mr. Vlado G. Repnik by an international creative team consisting of Igor Štromajer, Robert Klančnik, Janko Mandić, Mihael Hrustelj, Stefan Doepner, Tjaša Cepuš, Rok Golob, Lado Jakša, Martina Ruhsam, Stane Špegel, and Simon Kardum.