Monday, 5th November 2012, Velenje

Gorenje+ launch in Hong Kong

Gorenje+ launch in Hong Kong

Gorenje+ has found another market this September, when Gorenje’s Hong Kong partner Toptech launched Gorenje+ brand. In the Box restaurant, located at the Hong Kong’s prominent International Finance Center, the guests could view Gorenje+ cooking appliances under the theme of the evening “A Live-in Chef, the Grand Unveiling”.

Lisa Lay, General Manager of Home Solutions, Toptech, addressed a mixed crowd of project managers, property developers, executives from architectural firms and interior designers, by saying: »‘Design makes a difference’ is a concept created by Gorenje and under Gorenje+, the iChef is another breakthrough in terms of design and functionality. As highlighted by tonight’s theme, ‘Upgrade the Residence with Taste’, I believe Gorenje+ will improve residents’ comfort levels and good taste in their lifestyle.«

Gorenje's sales strategy in Asia is uniform for all markets of our operations (Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand etc.). Recognition and distinctiveness are built by offering only high-end home appliances, at premium kitchen studios and department stores. We also have our own showrooms intended both for the final users and interior designers and property investors, i.e. those that decide about the equipment of apartments.

Andy Miklav, director Gorenje Asia: »In Asia, most apartments are sold by the key-in-hand principle and a lot of equipment, especially kitchen appliances, is selected by investors as the customers simply do not have the time to deal with such decisions themselves; in addition, designer equipment in apartments is a strong sales argument.«

Hong Kong is currently Gorenje’s fastest growing market in Asia, and the leader in image for its’ neighbours, so Gorenje+ breakthrough to this market is a big step towards expanding ourtowards expanding our presence in Hong Kong and the region.