Wednesday, 6th March 2013, Velenje

Excellent ratings for Gorenje's induction hob on the VIP test

At the independent international consumer benchmark test of induction hobs, Gorenje induction hob IS641AC scored an above-average rating of 4.3 and ranked among the products recommended by the Slovenian Consumers Association as a good buy.

Extra cooking power and many convenient functions

Key advantages of cooking on an induction hob are double the speed of a gas cooker, energy efficiency, and safety. The rich set of features in Gorenje induction hobs of the new generation includes the PowerBoost function which provides an extra boost to performance and saves time. These properties make induction technology increasingly popular among consumers.

Numerous convenient features

Gorenje IS641AC induction hob excels with super silent operation and many convenient features such as BoilControl which automatically provides a temporary power boost to heat the liquid with maximum power to the boiling point; then, the hob will automatically reduce the power to the initially set level. This will prevent boiling over or unnecessary prolonged boiling.

When exact temperature really matters

In cooking procedures where exact temperature is essential, such as melting butter, chocolate, or honey, the SoftMelt function will surely prove very handy. It provides a constant temperature of 42°C. In addition, the StayWarm function will keep your food warm at an optimum temperature of 70° once it is done. Your meal will keep the flavours and stay warm to be served later. An excellent addition to your cooking!
Gorenje induction hob IS641AC scored an above-average rating of 4.3.