Friday, 8th March 2013, Velenje

Gorenje among the most trustworthy brands

For the seventh consecutive year, Gorenje brand is the recipient of the Trusted Brand award in the category of home appliances in Slovenia. As many as 69% of the readers of the Reader's Digest magazine, the institution awarding the Trusted Brand accolade, would choose Gorenje among the home appliances in Slovenia. This award makes Gorenje one of the most trustworthy Slovenian brands. Gorenje appreciates the consumers' trust.

The Reader's Digest magazine conducted for the seventh consecutive year the Trusted Brand survey among Slovenian readers. The survey measures the confidence of European consumers in marketed products, national policy, occupations, and personalities.

Conducted in September and October last year, it included 18,314 European consumers, of which 961 were from Slovenia. More than half (52%) of participants were women. Apart from Slovenia, the survey included Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, and Switzerland. Consumers were asked to spontaneously list the brands in the survey; they were not presented with a choice of brands. Respondents named over 79,000 different brands; Slovenian consumers named 6,775. Comparison of confidence in brands was also conducted within each participating country. In Slovenia, this was done for the third year in a row.