Tuesday, 12th March 2013, Velenje / Slovenia, Essen/Germany

Gorenje wins five prestigious red dot awards for 2013

At this year's red dot international contest, Gorenje Group won five prestigious red dot design awards 2013. Among the Gorenje brand products, the award went to outdoor unit of the Gorenje Aerogor heat pump and the SensoCare NGPS12 new generation washing machine, both designed by the Gorenje Design Studio. In addition, three awards were won by cooking hobs of the Atag brand: modular gas hob Atag Puzello and gas hob Atag Magna, both of which feature the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, and the Atag induction hob with matte finish in ground glass. Red dot award is an accolade presented for excellence of design, innovation, and high quality of products of both brands.

Gorenje remains among the best in design

This year, the best among the 4,662 entries submitted by 1,865 companies of 54 countries were selected by a 37-member jury of renowned designers and design experts who applied the criteria of aesthetic trends and sustainable design.

Gorenje President and CEO Mr. Franjo Bobinac: "Appliances with innovative features and sophisticated design are one of the motors of our growth and profitability. Well aware of this fact, Gorenje is continuously investing in development and design. The red dot awards received this year are an attestation by the professional community that we have been successful in our pursuits."

Sustainably and thoughtfully designed Gorenje Aerogor heat pumps

Gorenje Aerogor air/water heat pumps consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit which operate together to heat the rooms and provide domestic hot water. The red-dot-award-winning outdoor unit is an element installed outdoors next to the residential building. Therefore, designers at Gorenje devoted particular attention to it. The jury was impressed by the sustainably and thoughtfully designed housing which allows the users to select the finish to match the house and the environment. The unit is available in three versions: façade, wood, or metal. All housing materials are resistant to the elements, which makes them durable throughout the useful life.

SensoCare washing machine boasts a clearly laid out front panel and timeless design

The new generation washing machine Gorenje SensoCare NGPS12 stands out with refined lines and two highlighted details: the user interface and the door handle. Their form and robustness communicate the technical perfection and durability of the appliance. The jury praised the ergonomically tilted user interface which improves the view even if the washing machine is installed under a counter. The interface also affords intuitive control through a choice of highlighted most frequently used programs which can be set in two steps; alternatively, the users may select completely customized settings.

Lidija Pritržnik, head of product design at Gorenje Design Studio: "We consider it great success to see all three of our entries win the award. Of these three products, the same team design two for the Gorenje brand and one for a third-party customer. We are proud to have reached once again a high level of design with our products. The Aerogor heat pump is convincing with the sustainably and thoughtfully designed composition of the outdoor unit casing, which allows the user to select the material to match the appearance of the house. The SensoCare washing machine boasts a clearly laid out front panel and timeless design that provides visual support to the logic of control. The fact that we repeatedly succeeded in impressing the jury in recent years, despite the harsh competition and a large number of entries, is confirmation that our team is developing in the right direction. We shall continue to design our products with focus on the users, and create products that afford superior user experience."

Excellently designed Atag hobs

Vincent Hofstee, product manager for the Atag brand, in charge of design management: "This year, we submitted three entries for the competition and all three won the award. Atag Puzello and Atag Magna hobs convinced the jury with the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, while the induction hob impressed them with the beauty of matte finish in ground glass. Red dot design award 2013 stands witness to the excellence of design, innovation, and high quality of the Atag brand.

Gorenje Group has won 24 red dot awards to date

In the last eight years, Gorenje Group has won 24 red dot awards for home appliances branded Gorenje, Asko, and Atag. Seven award-winning products were designed at the Gorenje Design Studio. Gorenje Group is a leading European manufacturer of home appliances. It has been supplying technologically perfected, superiorly designed and energy-efficient home appliances under the brands Gorenje, Atag, Asko, Gorenje+, Pelgrim, Mora, Upo, Etna, Körting and Sidex, to users in seventy countries around the globe, improving the quality of their living for more than 60 years. It is highly committed to its vision of becoming the world’s best design driven innovator of home products.