Thursday, 18th April 2013, Velenje, Slovenia

Asko washing machines and dryers already produced at Gorenje's Velenje plant

Dishwasher production to be transferred in the second half of the year

Gorenje has completed the relocation of washing machine and dryer production from Sweden to Velenje. Relocated production line was launched at the Velenje factory as planned. Gorenje employees were joined by the members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board today to celebrate the launch of Asko-branded washing machine and dryer production in Velenje by symbolically starting up the automated washing machine tub line.

Gorenje's last washing machines and dryers of Swedish origin were produced in late January this year. Successful launch of production in Velenje required the transfer of 14 different processes in a matter of a few months, including purchasing, logistics, IT, controlling, finance, maintenance, product management etc. In addition, employee training was also essential.
Upon the launch, Gorenje President and CEO Franjo Bobinac thanked all employees who had contributed to timely and flawless launch of production. He was pleased that Gorenje Group will offer appliances under the Asko brand, produced at the Velenje plant, to buyers of prestigious upmarket products. Gorenje hopes to generate 20 % of overall revenue with this brand in the coming years.
Gorenje Supervisory Board chairman Uroš Slavinec underscored that the event was a clear indication that Gorenje's strategy implementation is smooth and on schedule.
In the second half of the year, Gorenje will relocate from Sweden to Velenje the production line for dishwashers. This will be the final step in restructuring of manufacturing operations, which was commenced last year. According to company estimates, transfer of production to plants with lower costs will generate annual savings of at least EUR 15 million starting in the year 2014.
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