Monday, 29th April 2013, Velenje, Ljubljana

Irena Vodopivec receives the Slovenian HR Association Award

At the annual meeting of HR professionals on April 18, 2013, Planet GV and Slovenian HR Association presented the awards for excellence in human resource management. Irena Vodopivec, executive director of human resources and education at Gorenje, d.d. in Velenje, received the silver medal of the Slovenian HR association for years of work in HR development, development of education for promising and talented employees and executive staff at Gorenje, for transfer of good practices, and for years of activity in the Association's management.

Irena Vodopivec has spent her entire career at Gorenje in the field of education, human resource development, and staffing or hiring. For a number of years, she has managed and directed the work in this field as the executive director for human resources and education at the Gorenje Group.

According to the committee's explanations, »Irena Vodopivec made a very important creative contribution to the development of education and training of talented and executive employees at the Gorenje Group, and to the organization of the Gorenje Corporate University. She often shares her broad knowledge and experience as a visiting professor in faculties, professional HR panels and round tables, and other educational programs. She has been continuously active in the management of the Slovenian HR Association and in the Velenje HR Society.«