Thursday, 20th June 2013, Velenje

Gorenje boosting its presence in the kitchen studio channel of the Mongolian market

Working with its business partner Euro Electronics LLC, Gorenje now also entered the high end kitchen studio channel in Mongolia with the opening of a Häcker kitchen studio in the country's capital of Ulan Bator on May 30, 2013. The showcased kitchen cabinetry and other furniture by Häcker, a German manufacturer of upmarket kitchens, is paired with high-end designer appliances Gorenje+.

Gorenje has been working for over two years on building the reputation and recognition of its brand in Mongolia, a rapidly growing and developing market. Most sales are made through the Nomin retail network which holds a 60-percent market share in Mongolia, followed by a network of Kitchen All kitchen studios operated by Gorenje's business partner Euro-Electronics who has recently expanded its offer also to the higher end of the market by launching a kitchen studio featuring Häcker furniture and Gorenje appliances.

Gorenje+ oven was the star of the evening, while Gorenje Pininfarina and Simplicity lines also got more than a fair share of attention. Andy Miklav, executive regional director responsible for Asian markets: "Gorenje's designer appliances and Häcker kitchens make an attractive combination of two European manufacturers of superiorly designed upmarket products. Trough collaboration with our partner Euro-Electronics, we shall continue to expand our sales in the Mongolian market and improve the recognition of the Gorenje brand."

Gorenje+ brand of exclusive kitchen appliances

Gorenje+ brand of exclusive kitchen appliances is based on a comprehensive concept of user experience and design, combining a wide range of superior cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing appliances. It is intended for the most demanding customers shopping at kitchen showrooms or kitchen specialists where Gorenje+ will be exclusively available.

PLUS is a sign of exclusive novelties and advantages chosen by the customers to meet their most demanding criteria. Therefore, the Gorenje+ brand is based on a concept of plusses – instances of added value in all major aspects of a purchase decision: exclusive choice, cutting-edge technology, harmonious design, simple use, outperforming of even the most stringent environmental standards, and capacity to meet the demands of modern lifestyle regarding super-standard warranty and after-sales service.