Monday, 22nd July 2013, Maribor, Slovenia

After yesterday's breakout of fire at Gorenje's waste collection and processing subsidiary in Maribor yesterday afternoon, the situation is settling down

Situation at the plant of Gorenje's subsidiary Gorenje Surovina in Maribor, where a fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the waste collection and processing area, is settling down.

The fire destroyed two thirds of the industrial hall for collection and processing of waste, as well as the solar power plant installed on the rooftop of this facility. The amount of damage is still being assessed at the company. The cause of the fire will be identified during the ensuing investigation. At the moment, any speculation about potential causes would be premature.

On the day of the fire outbreak, work was not in progress at the plant and none of the employees were injured in the fire.

Company representatives arrived at the scene as soon as possible yesterday afternoon to offer full cooperation to the firefighting units and other services. During the night, when a secondary ignition occurred at the site, employees also offered help to the fire brigade at the site. The company is deeply grateful to all firefighters for their efforts to extinguish the fire and to representatives of other institutions for their cooperation.