Monday, 14th October 2013, Velenje, Slovenija / Moskva, Rusija

Slovenian contemporary design exhibited in Moscow

Slovenian contemporary design exhibited in Moscow

The exhibition Silent Revolutions is displayed at Moscow Design Week from 11 to 17 October 2013. The presentation in Moscow is the seventh event in the series of international presentations of Slovenian design and companies, which understand design as an important element of development and competitiveness. Up till now, the exhibition has been successfully presented at London Design Festival, Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, in Triennale Design Museum in Milan, at Belgrade Design Week in Serbia, Helsinki Design Week in Finland and in Designforum Wien in Austria. For the Moscow’s edition the exhibition is expanded and enriched with ten new products. Gorenje is presenting IQcook induction hob, HomeChef oven and SensoCare washing machine.

The exhibition focuses not only on the excellence of individual products but also on their position in the broader context of contemporary Slovenian design. The selection highlights products of both big industries as well as special limited edition objects produced by the designers themselves. As a whole, the exhibition works to point up the exceptional, vital and heterogeneous character of contemporary design in Slovenia. Gorenje is presenting IQcook induction hob, HomeChef oven and SensoCare washing machine.

Gorenje - one of the selected Slovenian design stories

IQcook induction hob

The Gorenje IQcook hob is the first cooking induction hob in the world that you can truly trust to perceive all changes in a timely manner and adjust the operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. In addition, intelligent user-minded preset cooking modes, including the unique IQsteam mode for healthy steam cooking, simplify the preparation of many dishes even further, and change completely the way we cook emphasising the trend towards an easier way of cooking and healthy eating. The innovative technology of the IQcook system’s IQ sensors which received the eminent international red dot design award 2012 and the Plus X Award, guarantees completely safe and controlled hob operation with optimized use of energy. The new technology is entirely the product of Gorenje’s own development and design.

HomeChef oven

Gorenje's top-class HomeCHEF oven recently made the list of mind-blowing next-generation appliances, boasting unique touch control via large interactive colour TFT display. Innovative HomeCHEF control and function upgrade is a leap forward in the development of electronic oven touch control and a true innovation. This exceptional innovation also caught the eyes of the international expert jury of the Red dot Design Award 2011, receiving their praise. The latest models of HomeCHEF ovens boast pyrolytic cleaning, the GentleClose soft door closing system, and highly energy-efficient UltraCoolDoor system (UCD).

Washing machine SensoCare

The latest Gorenje washing machines boast the SensoCARE innovative laundry care technology fully adjusted to the user, modern visual identity, and ergonomic design that provides comfortable control and an exceptional user experience. Owing to their smart SensorIQ technology that automatically optimizes the washing processes, they rank among the most perfected and efficient appliances in the market as the top models boast A-50% rating, which means they use 50% less power than an A energy class appliance. Gorenje washing machines are always well up to the task, and paired with new generation Gorenje dryers, offer peerless laundry care. We can also admire SensoCARE models in new daring colours: alongside classic white and black also in alluring red, orange and alux.

Highlights from opening

The Silent Revolution project is a result of cooperation between the Museum of Architecture and Design, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Slovenia in Moscow, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, SPIRIT Slovenia and Government Communication Office.

Exhibition Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia is opened from 11–17 October 2013 at Moscow Design Week in Artplay Design Center, Nizhnyaya Syromiatnicheskaya 10, Moscow, Russia.