Thursday, 7th November 2013, Velenje

Gorenje at Month of Design tenth anniversary

Gorenje again attended Month of Design this year. This Slovenian event is becoming increasingly focused on and open to the international design scene. The Gorenje SensoCare NGPS12 washing machine and the Aerogor Gorenje heat pump are among this year's winners of the Design award 2013 and they were showcased as a part of the Design Expo exhibition. The Slovenian Design Highlights retrospective that featured Design Month's award recipients from 2003 to 2013 included Gorenje's legendary Simple&Logical washing machine which won the Timeless Award in 2011.

This year's Month of Design, taking place from October 7 to November 3, 2013, hosted as many as 150 experts and lecturers, of which 50 were from abroad, organized and carried out 12 exhibitions, 9 lectures, 3 conferences, 3 workshops, a "design tasting" event, and introduced a pup-up store "Kontrast" in order to promote the sale of domestic designer products. The events of the Month of Design have been attended by over 13,000 visitors. The last ones will be hosted at the closing event held this Thursday, November 7, 2013, at 7 pm at the former Mladinska knjiga print shop which was the site of the main exhibition ground and the hub for this year's Design Month events under the umbrella term "The City of Design".

Gorenje receives two Slovenian Design Awards 2013

The SensoCare washing machine boasts a clearly laid out front panel and timeless design

The new generation washing machine Gorenje SensoCare NGPS12 stands out with refined lines and two highlighted details: the user interface and the door handle. Their form and robustness communicate the technical perfection and durability of the appliance.

Convenient and stylish Gorenje Aerogor heat pump outdoor unit

Gorenje Aerogor air/water heat pumps consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit which operate together to heat the rooms and provide domestic hot water. The outdoor unit is an element installed outdoors next to a residential building. Therefore, designers at Gorenje devoted particular attention to it.

Gorenje at the Slovenian Design Highlights exhibition

At the 10th Month of Design, which was held this year, was Gorenje also featured at the Slovenian Design Highlights retrospective, i.e. an exhibition of products that had received the Month of Design's Slovenian design awards from 2003 to 2013. The visitors were impressed by Gorenje's legendary Simple&Logical washing machine which received the Timeless Slovenian Design award in 2011. Presented next to this appliance were other Gorenje products that won the Month of Design awards in the past decade.

"The City of Design" hosted by the former Mladinska knjiga print shop this year

On Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 7 pm, the Design Month which was opened on October 7, 2013, will come to a close with the closing event held at the main exhibition ground and event hub, titled the "City of Design" and located in the former Mladinska knjiga print shop on Dunajska cesta in Ljubljana. At this year's Design Month, Gorenje took part in the Design Expo exhibition with its SensoCare NGPS12 washing machine and the Gorenje Aerogor heat pump, as well as with the legendary washing machine Simple&Logical which was a part of the Slovenian Design Highlights retrospective.

Eight Month of Design awards for Gorenje to date

Gorenje won its first Month of Design award in 2005 when it received the Success Story award for the Premium Touch washing machine and dryer, the flagship of Gorenje's development and design at the time. In 2011, Gorenje honoured the Month of Design by presenting the Timeless Slovenian Design award, received by the Simple&Logical washing machine. In 2011, the honourable mention for the Design of the Year was also awarded to the user control interface on Gorenje home appliances, which is one of the innovative features of the HomeChef oven. Gorenje won three Slovenian Design Awards in 2012: Design of the Year for the SensoCare washing machine and dryer and the IQcook cooking hob, and Interior of the Year for the Architectural and Graphical solution of the exhibition Gorenje with a Vision. This year, Design of the Year award went to the SensoCare NGPS12 washing machine and the Gorenje Aerogor heat pump.

Ten years of the Month of Design

The first Month of Design, including exhibitions and conferences, opened in October 2003 in order to present and motivate Slovenian industrial and interior design. Since the very beginnings, the event identified good design and sought to boost its recognition and distinctiveness, generate exposure and evaluate the achievements. Stemming from this very mission are the Design Month awards presented in the past ten years. Slovenian Design awards are presented to designers in four categories: Design of the Year for the best design in the previous year; Interior of the Year for outstanding achievements in interior design in the previous year; Timeless Design for design that has stood the test of time and proven its permanent value; and Upcoming Design for distinguished achievements of young designers and architects in their field of work.