Friday, 13th June 2014

Organised Collection of Proxies for Shareholders to Exercise Their Voting Rights.

Throughout the years, Gorenje, d.d., has been encouraging all shareholders to actively exercise their rights by organised collection of proxies and in accordance with the Slovenian Corporate Governance Code recommendation is announcing that as of today, the company officers authorised to collect proxies i.e. 
  1. Franc BOBINAC, President and CEO
  2. Marko MRZEL, Management Board member
  3. Branko APAT, Management Board member
  4. Peter GROZNIK, Management Board member
  5. Peter KUKOVICA, Management Board member
  6. Drago BAHUN, Management Board member – labour director
  7. Peter KOBAL, President of Gorenje, d.d., Works Council and employee representative in the Supervisory Board
  8. Vinko JELIČIĆ, Chairman of the SKEI trade union, Gorenje HA
  9. Grega TEKAVEC, Executive secretary of the MDS Society (Minor Shareholders Society of Slovenia)
  10. Kristjan VERBIČ, President of the VZMD – Pan-Slovenian Shareholders Association
have started collecting proxies for the shareholders to exercise their voting rights at the 21st Annual General Meeting of Gorenje, d.d., scheduled for Friday, 4th of July, 2014. 

By issuing this invitation for granting proxies the authorised company officers want to encourage the shareholders to exercise their decision-making rights at the Annual General Meeting as well as notify the shareholders of the proposed decisions of the General Meeting. Please, find attached letter and proxy authorization form! 
Disclaimer: The English text for all announcements is for information purposes only!