Tuesday, 9th September 2014, Velenje, Slovenia

Gorenje considers bond issue

Pursuant to Article 386 of the Financial Instruments Market Act (ZTFI), the company GORENJE, d.d., Partizanska cesta 12, SI-3320 Velenje (hereinafter: GORENJE, d.d.), hereby publicly announces that the company GORENJE, d.d., consistently with its policy of diversification of financing sources, is analyzing the possibilities for the issue of bonds. The issuer's decision on actual bond issue, type of bond, coupon, and nominal size of the issue will be adopted based on the market conditions and investor response or interest.

GORENJE, d.d., authorized the companies ALTA Skupina, d.d., ALTA Invest, d.d., Nova Ljubljanska banka, d.d., Ljubljana, and NOVA KBM, d.d., to organize meetings with investors. The meetings may be followed by the issue of bonds.

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