Wednesday, 17th September 2014, Velenje, Brdo pri Kranju

Golden award for Gorenje innovators

Golden award for Gorenje innovators
Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) presented today its twelfth national awards for the most innovative companies and innovators at enterprises and public research institutes. Gorenje innovators received a golden award for the new generation of 600-mm-wide fridge freezers. Gorenje is a perennial winner of the SCCI innovation awards.

Gorenje launched the new generation of 600-mm-wide freestanding fridge freezers under the name IonGeneration last summer to a warm welcome by the consumers. Today, IonGeneration appliances account for nearly one half of all refrigerators made by Gorenje.

Executive director of development at Gorenje, Boštjan Pečnik, said the following about the new generation of freestanding fridge freezers: »In developing the appliances, we made it our goal to create the ideal conditions for storing all types of food. We developed innovative products that are friendly to the users and the environment. The high-end models also feature the unique technology of automatic adaptation, with sensors monitoring user behaviour and adapting the appliance operation accordingly. This allows more uniform temperature in the appliance, which in turn contributes to prolonged freshness of food and saves energy.«

Gorenje also filed patent applications for six innovations: innovative design of cooling system, condensate tank, and adjustable refrigerator door bins, refrigerator drawer stop mechanism, original bottle rack, and multi-functional food storage bin.