Tuesday, 25th November 2014, Velenje, Nova Gorica

The Avgust Kuhar Foundation Award goes to Denis Štemberger

The Avgust Kuhar Foundation Award goes to Denis Štemberger

The Avgust Kuhar Foundation has for the 18th time in a row presented its annual lifetime achievement award, award for the best diploma work and awards for outstanding expert work in the safety officers associations and sections in the field of occupational health and safety. Amongst the winners of this award is also Denis Štemberger from Gorenje.

The Avgust Kuhar Foundation strives to raise the awareness about the importance of a systematic professional protection of health at work and of our living and work environment. Štamberger was awarded for being among the first in Slovenia to devise an occupational health and safety training program in a form of an e-course for the Gorenje employees working in administration. His contribution was invaluable when Gorenje was establishing the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standard and he also implemented IT support for record-keeping which leads to higher efficiency in health and safety system management.

He played an important part in building a system of hazardous phenomena. »Hazardous phenomena do not cause workplace accidents but they are the first indicators of errors or deviations in work processes and they can lead to accidents. Employees can recognize these hazards before the event and can therefore avoid accidents,« says Štamberger who also proved himself by working in the field of psychosocial hazards where his cooperation enabled Gorenje to carry out appropriate corrective measures.

Štemberger is a long-standing active member of the Velenje Safety officers association.