Tuesday, 8th September 2015, Berlin

Gorenje at IFA 2015

Gorenje at IFA 2015

Less fuss. More fun. Gorenje.

The leading consumer electronics and home appliance fair IFA in Berlin sees the unveiling of Gorenje's designer line of kitchen appliances Gorenje by Starck designed by the globally renowned Philippe Starck, the Infinity lifestyle line, and other latest Gorenje home appliances. At the event taking place from September 4 to 9, the Group also presents the new identity and appearance of the Gorenje brand which has impressed and inspired its users for 65 years. The core message of the revised identity is a promise of comfortable quality and superior user experience.
At last year's instalment of the IFA fair, a major event of its kind globally, over 1,500 exhibitors signed deals totalling at a record-breaking EUR 4.2 billion. A remarkable mix of innovative products, participants, and entertainment has been drawing an increasing number of people each year, bringing the total of visitors to a quarter million in 2014. “This year we are premièring a number of new cooking appliances under the Gorenje and Asko brands, and the fresh and elegant designer line created in cooperation with Philippe Starck. Thus, we are reinforcing our reputation of a trend-setter in the home appliance industry as we simplify our users' daily chores with sophisticated design and innovative solutions. This is Gorenje's eighth consecutive appearance at the IFA fair which we see as an excellent opportunity to meet our business partners and end users of our products in one place,” said Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO, Gorenje Group.

Launch of the new designer line Gorenje by Starck

The central highlight of this year's exhibition area is the latest line of kitchen appliances Gorenje by Starck which bears the signature of the French star designer Philippe Starck. The inspiringly fresh line is a result of experience and creative power of one of the greatest modern designers who successfully harnessed all possibilities afforded by modern technology to meet the needs and desires of modern users. The oven, cooking hobs, kitchen hood, and refrigerator stand out with a prestigious combination of stainless steel and highly reflective glass. Appealing appearance of the appliance will blend with the environment which is reflected in their surface, telling the story of the user's lifestyle. “The Gorenje by Starck line of appliances is our flagship especially in the European and other markets where customers particularly appreciate superior design and appliance functionality. We believe this line will further strengthen our brand's reputation and promote the sales of our regular assortment,” said Marko Mrzel, Gorenje Chief Sales Officer, about the plans for the new designer line.

Launch of the new Infinity collection

Also taking the spotlight is the new lifestyle line of appliances called Infinity that will be especially appreciated by fans of timeless classic design. Kitchen appliances in ivory or ebony with details in copper get a touch of nostalgia from the specially designed knobs and handles. They are an excellent solution for collectors who seek a combination of functionality and eternity in technologically advanced kitchen appliances.

Gorenje brand with a new identity and image

At the fair, Gorenje is also presenting its revised brand identity which has been successfully transformed from a manufacturing-oriented brand into a brand that listens to the users and follows their wishes. In a busy everyday with too many obligations and too little time, Gorenje is a source of practical ideas that make life less complicated and more pleasant. The appliances afford a simple and energy-efficient way to desired results. Moreover, they are beautifully designed, durable and reliable. Mario Vogl, Senior Vice President in charge of Corporate Marketing: “For 65 years, Gorenje has been surprising the millions of its users with practical and reliable solutions that make the daily chores easier. In today's rapid pace of life, time for oneself and one's family has become a value that is highly respected at Gorenje, and this is what we are looking to give our users: more time. Therefore, Gorenje appliances are designed with the users in mind, so that they can take away their worries, offer all the advantages, and save time.”

Latest generation of built-in kitchen appliances

Gorenje will also present its latest generation of built-in kitchen appliances that delivers the answers to the needs and requirements of modern users with advanced technological solutions. The latest generation of ovens, cooking hobs, kitchen hoods, and microwave ovens made in Europe is based on smart automation technology and it sports an appealing and harmonious appearance backed by the finest materials. Gorenje's efforts are geared towards making appliances that take away the fuss of adjusting the settings, and frustration with underdone or overdone food and boiled-over liquid. The goal is to fully automate cooking while bringing the flavour and nutritious value of the food closer to the desires of the users. Gorenje is certainly succeeding in doing so with its ovens in which patented vaulted HomeMade cavity and smart air distribution system MultiFlow 360° lead to truly uniformly cooked food. The IQcook smart hob automatically cooks a delicious meal, relieving the user of the worries of burning the food or seeing it boil over. Advanced kitchen hood automatically switches on when it senses a higher concentration of impurities in the air, while the microwave oven without a turntable uses special technology to evenly defrost and reheat the food.

Retro refrigerators and IonGeneration fridge-freezers

Retro refrigerators, highly popular among the consumers, again take a special spot. Retro is synonymous with the nostalgic past. It is a revival of legendary stories and items. Rounded edges are the distinctive feature of the entire collection of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly appliances. At Gorenje, these iconic appliances have been technologically updated to the IonGeneration platform which, among other features, mimics the natural microclimate in order to keep the food fresh longer.

All IonGeneration refrigerators boast the unique intelligent AdaptTech technology that employs an innovative sensor system to monitor the frequency of refrigerator door opening and adjust the internal temperature accordingly. The food stays fresh and rich in vitamins longer due to the fact that the refrigerator automatically intensifies the cooling process slightly before it anticipates more frequent refrigerator use, thus preventing a temperature rise that could harm the food. Maximum protection of the nutrient value of the food is also delivered by a combination of advanced new-generation functions: IonAir with MultiFlow 360° maintain intensive circulation of ionized air which emulates the natural environment and keeps an even and constant temperature in each shelf. The NoFrost Plus technology effectively prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice inside the freezer, while making sure the food does not dry out in the refrigerator as it maintains humidity and freshness.

Another special feature of Gorenje IonGeneration cooling appliances is the ConvertActive refrigerator that allows the freezer compartment to be converted, if needed, into an extra refrigerator compartment for extra storage space for beverages or food. The refrigerator also features a fruit and vegetable bin with a special VitaLight led illumination that effectively stops the oxidation process to improve the nutritious value of fresh produce.

SensoCare generation of washing machines and dryers

The latest generation of Gorenje washing machines and dryers boasts high performance, stress on ergonomics and design, and effective and logical settings. Intelligent SensorIQ technology adjusts laundry care and automatically regulates the washing and drying process for better energy efficiency.

Gorenje washing machines offer four washing options, depending on what the user needs in a given situation: NormalCare for washing with an optimum combination of time, power, and water; TimeCare for a quick wash; AllergyCare for extra rinsing of the laundry; or EcoCare for washing with maximum energy savings. Taking laundry care yet another notch further is the innovatively designed SpaDrum with smart perforation and 3D rib design, combined with 4D glass door that enable optimum movement of laundry without any tangling.

Gorenje dryers, now featuring stylish glass door, employ SteamTech and GentleCare functions which gently dry the laundry and keep it fresh so that ironing is hardly required. Unique IonTech technology additionally smoothens the fibres, eliminating the creases and the unpleasant static charge which is accumulated during the drying process particularly on synthetic fibres. It also effectively eliminates unpleasant odours of food and tobacco from the laundry, providing extra freshness and care.