Tuesday, 15th December 2015, Velenje, Slovenia

Information on major holding of voting rights - 15 December 2015

Panasonic Corporation, 1006 Oaza Kadoma, Kadomacity 571-8501, Osaka, Japan, informed us on 14 December 2015, that as on 11 December 2015 they acquired 303,478 GRVG shares issued by the company Gorenje, d.d., and the stake of the voting rights of the company increased from 9.499% (2,320,186) to 10.742% (2,623,664) of all voting rights in the company Gorenje, d.d.

Gorenje Group and Panasonic Corporation successfully cooperate in several business areas. Panasonic acquired the initial capital share at the conclusion of a long-term strategic partnership with Gorenje Group in 2013, and at the same time committed not to increase its share above 13 per cent within five years, without the prior written consent of the Gorenje Management Board and the Supervisory Board. In July this year, the groups have expanded their successful mutual business cooperation into new business areas.

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