Thursday, 14th January 2016, Velenje

Gorenje Microwave Oven in Space

Gorenje Microwave Oven in Space

Gorenje microwave oven from the design line Ora-Ïto stars as a vital piece of equipment for space travel. Our rising microwave star was spotted in the film The Martian, co-starring alongside Matt Damon.  

Sci-fi cinema enthusiasts have surely seen the film The Martian with the Hollywood superstar Matt Damon searching for a way to return to Earth after he accidentally gets left behind during a mission to the red planet. In one of the scenes at the space station a Gorenje microwave oven from the Ora-Ïto design line can be seen. Being recognized by the makers of the film as an essential piece of equipment in space travel, the Gorenje microwave oven with its timeless design seamlessly blends into the futuristic space station, set in the year 2035.

The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott, is this year's Golden Globe winner and has been nominated for seven Oscars.

Following this unexpected interplanetary promotion, Gorenje might in the future decide to add to their range of design home appliances some additional ones. Considering the excellent reference, possibly a space-themed one.

Fot those too impatient to wait that long: check out the above mentioned microwave and the other design home appliances by the renowned French designer Ora-Ïto on our web site.