Monday, 8th February 2016, Velenje

Gorenje retro fridges will bring food for thought

Gorenje retro fridges will bring food for thought

Supporting the project of free little libraries for the exchange of books Gorenje will donate housings of their popular Retro design fridges to serve as book cases in schools and local communities. Colourful fridges will in this unusual role offer to the users a different kind of food – food for the soul.

The idea of free book exchange, following the british example of Little Free Library, took off in Slovenia as well. Little houses where we can leave books for someone else to read, or browse their contents for books  we would like to read ourselves are emerging all over the country.

But not only little houses – following the lead of librarian Zuhra Horvat from the Ecological society of Slovenj Gradec, they started using old fridges as bookcases as this proved to be a good way of safely storing books while they wait for new readers. As it turned out, the fridges with different food – food for thought and food for the soul – were met with interest and people very much like to open, fill and empty these unusual libraries. Many schools and local communities were looking to re-create this idea themselves.      

In Gorenje Group we are well aware that reading leads to knowledge therefore we decided to support the idea of book fridges and further encourage and enhance it. In the campaign entitled Rreading For Knowledge we will instead of used, broken down fridges donate to schools and local communities brand new housings of our design Retro fridges. With their popularity they are proof that retro and freshness complement each other very well. With beautiful bright colours and attractively rounded exterior these Gorenje beauties will enhance every space and at the same time entice readers to browse their contents. As these are the fridge housings that do not contain compressors or any electric components they are also completely safe and can be placed outside in the open so that they are accessible to as many readers as possible.

Preceding the Slovene national cultural day Gorenje donated their retro fridge housings for book exchange to three primary schools and three local communities. We will make an effort to support in this way also further institutions and communities, should they decide to join the campaign and offer free reading for knowledge in their midst. We will also set up a retro bookcase fridge ourselves inside the Gorenje area in Velenje.