Thursday, 31st March 2016, Velenje

Once again, Gorenje Surovina will bring Pure Joy to children

Once again, Gorenje Surovina will bring Pure Joy to children

The Pure Joy project is an eco-humanitarian waste raw material collecting campaign, conceived last year by the company Gorenje Surovina and Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje within the “Botrstvo” sponsorship project. The proceeds will be used to finance free vacations for children with emotional and behavioural disorders. Last year we took 120 children on vacation and this year the collection of raw materials starts on April 1st.

The Pure Joy campaign was one of last year’s most outstanding humanitarian projects. In a week we managed to collect 527 tonnes of waste raw materials, amounting to 58,679 EUR. We used the proceeds to finance free vacations for 120 children with emotional and behavioural disorders and the accompanying staff. A great thank you goes to the numerous Slovenian companies, organisations and individuals who have proven that they care for underprivileged people as well as our environment.

This year’s Pure Joy campaign will take place between 1st and 10th April, when waste electrical and electronic equipment, steel waste and non-ferrous metals will be collected at over 50 locations throughout Slovenia and selected parking lots of the Spar and Interspar retail chain.

Before this year’s campaign, Petra Žunkovič, the campaign manager from Gorenje Surovine, told us that they are immensely proud of the project with so many positive results.

Our company’s mission is to reduce environmental burden with the emphasis on recycling, the material and energetic processing of waste. This gives the industry a constant source of valuable raw materials while increasing the percentage of recycling and thus contributing to the achievement of national and European environmental objectives. Another very important aspect besides sustainability is adding a humanitarian and social note with the Pure Joy campaign.  Our greatest success is the satisfaction of the children – many of them have been on vacation for the first time in their lives – and their pure joy over the fact that they were not discriminated based on their behavioural disorders. The letters of support from parents of these children and their joy that they got this opportunity inspired and motivated us to continue this campaign in the future.”