Tuesday, 4th October 2016, Vienna

Gorenje Austria wins the Supplier of the year award

Gorenje Austria wins the Supplier of the year award

Gorenje brand is among the top five most recognized home appliance brands, and among top five by market share. Since the founding of Gorenje Austria 41 years ago and the slogan "Bewusst robust" (Deliberately Sturdy), Gorenje has developed into a provider of an all-around range of major appliances, renowned in particular for its designer items. Long-standing tradition and excellent customer relations at every level of business, along with technological innovation in recent years, have resulted in a new breakthrough and growth across the distribution channels, which is also witnessed by the best supplier award.

Gorenje won the Zac of the Year 2016 award presented to the best supplier of the year by Euronics Austria, a part of Euronics, the largest retail group in the world. Euronics presented the award to Gorenje for good products and services, excellent business relations, quick problem resolution, participation at tradeshows and fairs, and strong growth in this year.

"We sell around 120,000 per year in Austria, spanning all price segments and product categories. We are therefore a provider of the full range of major domestic appliances, and we also cover some product niches. We are also the only one in the market with co-branded designer appliances such as Gorenje by Starck, Gorenje by Ora-Їto etc.", notes Sandra Lubej, managing director of Gorenje Austria. This, along with many technological innovations in appliances, and support services, is precisely what Gorenje Austria harnessed for their extra breakthrough and growth in the distribution channels. According to the GfK survey, Austrian home appliance market grew by 2.5% in the first half of this year; in the same period, Gorenje Austria grew by more than 8 percent. "Growth continues in the third quarter of the year; indeed, September sales beat the all-time sales record at Gorenje Austria," adds Lubej.

Gorenje among the most recognized home appliance brands in Austria

In Austria, Gorenje is among the most recognized home appliance brands. They are present across all distribution channels in the country (traditional white goods retailers, major furniture studios, and retail networks), and in all geographical regions. The highest market shares are attained with specialized electric retailers, but they have seen growth year in, year out with kitchen and furniture specialists as well, also on account of development of a special line of premium products like Gorenje+ which pays particular attention to this sales channel.

In over 40 years of operation, Gorenje Austria always sought to be as close as possible to the buyer. Therefore, they set up their own service network which is further extended with subcontractors as necessary. Own service network is an important argument both when selling to a distributor or retailer, and when selling to the end user, since the increasingly complex and technologically sophisticated products have made after sales service highly appreciated, and often the key for the purchase or sale of an appliance. Other highly important aspect of competition is logistics which plays a crucial part in major domestic appliances due to their weight and size. Therefore, Gorenje Austria operates a warehouse in Vienna for the entire country, where many buyers pick up the appliances; this allows faster supply, as well as extra services.

"Austrian buyers are convinced by our innovative, high-quality, and superiorly designed appliances, and with the comprehensive range of services offered," explains Lubej. "They are of course also convinced by our long presence in the market, satisfied customers, and sound relations with our partners, nurtured through decades at all levels and fields of operation."