Thursday, 13th April 2017, Celje

Gorenje Orodjarna wins the golden award at the International Industry Fair 2017

Gorenje Orodjarna wins the golden award at the International Industry Fair 2017

It has become a tradition for Gorenje Orodjarna to participate in the International Industry Fair in Celje. This year they presented an extremely complex and advanced tool for the fabrication of car components and received the highest, golden award from the expert committee.

At this year’s Industry Fair, Gorenje Orodjarna presented its progressive sheet metal forming tool for fabricating car glass run channels, and a system for 100% optical control of products coming from the tool. The system is composed of a collaborative robot that manipulates the product and a camera that performs optical control.

The expert committee at the fair presented Gorenje Orodjarna with the highest award for an extremely advanced tool for fabricating relatively large car components in narrow tolerance ranges. The awarded tool is used by a German car manufacturer in fabricating run channels for side windows in cars of a higher price range. Boštjan Dokl Menih, Director of Gorenje Orodjarna, explained the advantages of the awarded tool: “We are increasingly focussing on the wishes and needs of customers. With this tool we wanted to help our customer save materials and time for the production of the end product.”

The development of the tool was based on the state-of-the-art methods of planning with numerical simulations, which Orodjarna upgraded by developing its own system for determining the forming properties of the sheet metal used. Besides Gorenje Orodjarna, only two toolmaking companies in the world produce such tools. “Our plans are focussed on smart tools. We don’t just want to be a producer of tools from steel and standard elements; we want to create tools that will facilitate optimisation and savings for the customer’s production process,” says Boštjan Dokl Menih.