Wednesday, 26th April 2017, Velenje, Slovenia and Washington, USA

Franjo Bobinac the new Slovenian representative at the Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission is a global union of economists, politicians and academics with the purpose of encouraging good relations and strengthening cooperation between different spheres of the society. At the end of this March, Franjo Bobinac, the President of the Management Board of Gorenje, was named as the representative of Slovenia at the Trilateral Commission. He was named at the Commission’s invitation. Before Bobinac, this honorable position belonged to Marko Voljč, long-time President of NLB and member of the Management Board of KBC Bank.

The members of the Commission meet at global plenary and regional meetings and Bobinac will try to organize next year’s European regional meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Slovenia. The negotiations and coordinations are still in progress, but Slovenia has considerable potential to become the host of the European part of the Trilateral Commission, which is led by Jean-Claude Trichet, the former President of the European Central Bank, in autumn 2018. This meeting is considered a meaningful dialogue of the representatives of the Trilateral Commission, who are all committed to the idea of a united Europe in this very turbulent period of the European Union and strive to strengthen Europe’s global role.

One of the main ideas of the Trilateral Commission is also intergenerational cooperation, so the Commission has formed the David Rockefeller Fellows group, the members of which are young people up to the age of 35. In the next three years, the Slovenian representative in the said commission will be Mark Boris Andrijanič, who is employed at Uber. He will replace Žiga Vavpotič, the President of the Management Board of Outfit7.


About the Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral commission was established in 1973 at the initiative of David Rockefeller with the purpose to encourage cooperation between global industrial powers. It brings together experienced leaders from the private and social sector and operates in three-year terms.

In these changing times, when cooperation of countries is more important than ever, the Trilateral Commission is changing as well. Its membership has expanded in order to appropriately reflect the global development. The Japanese group has transformed into the Pacific-Asian group, including members from China and India. Mexican members have become part of the North-American group, and the European group was completed by the members of countries, which have recently become members of the European Union.

Since 2013, the European President of the Trilateral Commission is Jean-Claude Trichet, while some of its prominent members include the former Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, the former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and other prominent politicians. Among the members are also important representatives of economy, science and media. A great part of the American administration from the time of the presidency of George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama is also active in the Trilateral Commission, as well as Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Alan Greenspan and Paul Wolfowitz.

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