Monday, 5th June 2017, Köln, Zug

Gorenje becomes one of the biggest partners of European handball

Gorenje becomes one of the biggest partners of European handball

Gorenje, one of the leading European home appliance manufacturers is becoming part of a new sports story. By signing a three season contract for VELUX EHF Champions League and a deal for two consecutive Men`s EHF EURO tournaments we are becoming one of the biggest partners of European handball. Sports sponsorships certainly boost recognition of Gorenje brand in the international market and to date they rested on two pillars: the sponsorship of the Slovenian Nordic ski team and of handball – the sponsorship of the Gorenje Velenje Handball Club, and of the Slovenian Handball Federation. By sponsoring handball at the European level we are strengthening growth of our global brand recognition and thus support the implementation of Gorenje Group strategy of global growth.

Gorenje Group has increased its investment in R&D and marketing over the past two years in compliance with its ambitious goals in the Strategic Plan 2016-2020. Gorenje brand is looking to take its recognition in Europe a step further by sponsoring handball at the European level. It is becoming the Official Regional Premium Sponsor of the VELUX EHF Champions League until the end of the 2019/2020. Moreover, it is becoming also the Official Sponsor of two consecutive Men's EHF EURO competitions in Croatia in 2018 and in Sweden, Austria and Norway in 2020. These are the top tier competitions globally, both for clubs and for national teams, and Gorenje will be among not only the main sponsors, but also an exclusive partner from the home appliance industry.

Handball is one of the most popular team sports in Europe. Moreover, in this dynamic ball game, a win requires team spirit, experiences, focus, creativity, and a clear strategy. These are also the key characteristics for success in the ambitious business strategy of Gorenje Group. As Slovenia's largest global enterprise we are very proud to see Gorenje home products become a part of everyday life for families across the globe. Gorenje brand enters the partnership with the European Handball`s Top competitions to advance the reputation and awareness of the brand across the Europe, and in particular in Germany, Scandinavia, the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe. Gorenje also sees the sponsorship as a way to reinforce our cooperation with business partners, boost sales in selected markets, and to bring our inventive and technologically refined products closer to the broader circle of  European consumers.

“By extending the traditional handball partnership of Gorenje to sponsorship of top tier competitions in Europe we aim to improve brand awareness within our key markets which coincide with countries where handball competitions reach and television ratings are the highest”, says Gorenje President and CEO Franjo Bobinac.

By providing convenient, simple and user-friendly solutions, Gorenje products make the everyday chores easier, life less complicated and more pleasant. In a "Life Simplified", there is more time for pleasure, including watching the best games in European handball.