Wednesday, 7th June 2017, Ljubljana

“Wrong parking” wins Gorenje a Diggit award

“Wrong parking” wins Gorenje a Diggit award

At the sixth Diggit, Slovenian digital communications conference, Gorenje won the golden award for the project “Gorenje Retro Special Edition: Wrong parking”. The annual conference brings together is the meeting point for the latest knowledge of the fast-moving digital world and awards best practices.

Inspired by the famous van from the 50’s, the Gorenje Retro Special Edition fridge, officially licensed by Volkswagen, recently caused quite some excitement among the consumers. Its online promotional video, "Gorenje Retro Special Edition: Wrong parking", prepared in cooperation with the advertising agency AV studio impressed this year’s jury, which awarded it with the Gold Award in the category Home products.

The aim of the competition is to reward original digital solutions, which take advantage of the digital world in innovative and creative ways.

Park it in your kitchen

For the online promotional campaign, with the headline “Park it in your kitchen” we set up a hidden camera in a parking garage, where our Retro fridge was “parked”.  The viral video was filmed before the official launch of the fridge, as we wanted to capture genuine reactions and enthusiasm of people, when they first saw the refrigerator, especially “parked” in such an unusual place. There was a parking ticket waiting in the refrigerator and the participant, who was kind enough to pay for it, will become a proud owner of the Gorenje Retro Special Edition fridge. The video was shot in Ljubljana and launched on the markets, where the product is sold. Its uniqueness will enrich our communication on social networks and help strengthen brand recognition across our markets.