Tuesday, 4th July 2017, Velenje, Slovenia

Hansel and Gretel with Gorenje appliances

Hansel and Gretel with Gorenje appliances

As a socially responsible company supporting creativity and innovativeness, Gorenje Group has joined forces with the Silvan Furlan Institution (USF – Ustanova Silvana Furlana), a foundation for the development of culture, which aims to support and implement projects in art, education and humanitarianism. Together we have created a short film about Hansel and Gretel who simplify their life with Gorenje appliances, and premiered it in the Karst region.

The vision of USF is primarily focused on children and adolescents, whose personal growth they want to enable through film and photography, the development of constructive creativity and flexible thinking. "We stand for equal inclusion of vulnerable groups in creative programmes and promote intergenerational and intercultural integration," emphasised the president of the USF, Miranda Brataševec.

Thus, they have also prepared a video advertisement for Gorenje, which is also the Institution’s sponsor, based on the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. It was premiered in the village of Komen, where the creators, sponsors and supporters of the project socialised with children and their families along with a diverse programme of the work of young film makers. After the short film about Hansel and Gretel, the music for which was written by a young musician Enej Ljubič Šinigoj, a short “making of” film was screened.

At Gorenje, we are proud of the work of the young artists, which is also a clever promotion of our products from the Gorenje Life Simplified brand.