Friday, 18th August 2017, Ljubljana

Gorenje and Peter Prevc donate school supplies to children in need

Gorenje and Peter Prevc donate school supplies to children in need

Beginning of a new school year is something all kids should be looking forward to. However, reuniting with their school mates is not easy for many as their school bags are not full of shiny and inspiring new supplies for a successful and fun school year. At Gorenje, we have decided to work with Peter Prevc to make the return to school easier more pleasant for 1,000 children in need: our ski jumping champion will be with them every day – on the covers of their new notebooks. Hoping for lots of smiles on the first day of the school year, Gorenje and Peter Prevc presented yesterday to the Friends of the Youth Association (ZPM) Ljubljana Moste-Polje 3,000 notebooks and 1,000 sets of coloured pencils.

In a humanitarian gesture, Gorenje and Peter Prevc presented yesterday at the multi-generational centre Skupna točka 3,000 notebooks and 1,000 sets of coloured pencils to Anita Ogulin of ZPM (Friends of the Youth Association) Ljubljana Moste-Polje, for children in need. The covers of the notebooks feature the best Slovenian ski jumper who is a role model and an idol for many youngsters who look up to him as someone who has proven that hard work can lead them to their dreams. Iztok Šepec, managing director of Gorenje GSI, commented on the donation: "Our company has been working for a number of years with institutions and organizations helping individuals and families in need; yet we always take the greatest pleasure in helping children directly. We hope the notebooks featuring Peter Prevc and the coloured pencils will make their school days at least a bit brighter and more confident."

Donor/Godparent of the month

Gorenje is a regular donor to a variety of institutions helping people in distress. In 2016, the company worked with the Moste-Polje Friends of Youth Association to provide relief to 22 families in financial distress, and helped several societies and institutes like the Kamnik Centre of Education, Recovery, and Training, Institute for Blind and Visually Impaired Youth, and the Centre for Elderly Persons Notranje Gorice, donating a total of 34 large and 20 small domestic appliances. In August, Gorenje is also the donor of the month for the Botrstvo ("Godparents") project intended to improve the quality of life of children and youth living in financial distress and are in need of financial aid, support, and encouragement.