Tuesday, 7th November 2017, Velenje

Gorenje gets its own postage stamp

Gorenje gets its own postage stamp

On Friday, November 10, Pošta Slovenije (the Slovenian postal service) will issue a special-edition postage stamp from the Slovenian Industrial Design series, depicting the Gorenje Simple & Logical washing machine. The revolutionary product – the first touch-controlled home appliance – was a global innovation. For Gorenje, it meant the start of a user-centric design approach that emphasizes simplicity of use and which Gorenje continues to pursue under the slogan Life Simplified.

"With the innovative washing machine, a result of Slovenian know-how and development, Slovenia was promoted globally. Now, Slovenia and the Gorenje washing machine will again travel the globe, this time on a postage stamp issued as a part of the series Slovenian Industrial Design. Only the most notable events, highlights and achievements deserve a spot on the stamps. Gorenje's washing machine certainly belongs among them. Thus, we are proud to issue the seventh postage stamp of the Slovenian Industrial Design series, bearing the motive of this remarkable Slovenian product," said Petra Mencigar Cvar, the head of Sales and Development, on behalf of the Slovenian postal service Pošta Slovenije.

With the truly revolutionary Simple & Logical washing machine, designed in 1996 by the then head of design at Gorenje prof. Janez Smerdelj, in cooperation with Anton Holobar, Gorenje mapped out over two decades ago the concept of Life Simplified design that puts simplicity of use to the fore. The Simple & Logical washing machine also meant a global breakthrough in the home appliance industry as it was the first electronic appliance with a touch control interface, as well as the first appliance that was truly simple to use. It allowed setting the washing program by simply pressing one of the four relief keys designed as pictograms for different types of laundry. This innovative design solution also meant a design breakthrough in the industry as it considerably simplified the use of the appliance. Namely, the Simple & Logical washing machine did not require from the user any prior knowledge of or experience with laundry care; rather, a single press of a key was enough for the washing machine to select the optimum washing mode.

The design logic of simplified, user-friendly control, which goes beyond merely appliance design and defines the very user experience, has since been continuously developed and upgraded at Gorenje. Thus, Life Simplified has become the motto for design of all Gorenje's home appliances.

The postage stamp with the Gorenje Simple & Logical washing machine motif will come with first-day cover and first-day postmark, and it will be available on Friday, November 10, at the Velenje post office.