Tuesday, 14th November 2017, Ljubljana

Gorenje recognized as the most environmentally friendly company

Gorenje recognized as the most environmentally friendly company

At the traditional environment convention, organized by the Finance daily paper and the Eko Fund, with this year's instalment titled "Excellence, Innovation, and Efficiency in Practice – Environmentally Friendly Projects in Slovenia and Abroad", Gorenje received an award for the most environmentally friendly company. At Gorenje, successful pursuit of our strategy of developing environmentally friendly products is also accompanied by systematic reduction of energy and water consumption, and reduction of waste in manufacturing processes. Our success in the field has been acknowledged by many environmental accolades received to date.

The event also included the presentation of environmental awards for which 24 enterprises and projects competed this year, six of which were entries in the environmentally friendly company. The expert jury declared the company Gorenje d.d. the winner in this category. The jury recognized the company's environmental focus, and especially the outstanding results attained in the field.

Receiving the award on behalf of Gorenje was Vilma Fece, director of environment protection and occupational safety and health, who commented: "We are pleased that you recognized Gorenje as a company with a clear environmental vision and strategy, and excellent environment achievements throughout the entire life cycle of our products." As a part of the convention, Vilma Fece also held a lecture titled "Is Environmental Excellence an Advantage in the Market?" and presented Gorenje's environmental challenges in domestic appliance manufacturing.

Gorenje has a very long-standing environmental tradition as the start of our expert and organizational activities in the field date back over thirty years. Our environmental efforts have been recognized by various expert communities both in Slovenia and abroad. "We are very proud to list among our major international accolades the third place among 65 international corporations in a survey on sustainable corporate value. According to the survey, Gorenje's use of natural resources is four times better than average in the European industrial manufacturing," Fece points out. "Introduction of environmental improvements is a constant aspect of our operations. The biggest reward, however, comes from those who use our environmentally friendly products daily in their homes."

In addition to the many environment awards in Slovenia, Gorenje has also received awards for environmental achievements in Hungary and Serbia, and it was the first Slovenian company to be entered in the Emas register.